Jamia't Us-Salam is a mosque based in the Ward End area of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The institution offers a range of Islamic Educational classes for both male and female students of all ages, including specialist Hifz-ul-Quran with Tajweed and Q'iraat classes. Over the years, the organisation has expanded significantly to meet the demands of the local community.

Currently there are plans to replace the current site with a modernised building. (Please visit the Donations page above to find out more about Bismillah Project and how you can help to build this Masjid). The achievements of Jamia't Us-Salam have been possible with the blessing of Allah (SWT) and the Du'aas and efforts of the local community. We pray that the support continues to grow and we all strive together as a unit to build the New Masjid and earn the pleasure of Allah (SWT).


Jamia't Us-Salam
818 Alum Rock Road
Ward End
B8 2TX
0121 328 5697

"Whosoever builds for Allah a masjid, Allah (swt) will reward him to it in Paradise" Bukhari & Muslim

Jamia't Us-Salam is an expanding organisation and due to increasing demand for our services, we have initiated The Bismillah Project. Additional space and facilities are required at the Masjid, and it has been proposed that we modernise the premises further. The most cost effective way of achieving this goal was to apply for the demolition of the current site and the erection of a modern purpose built institution.
Alhumdolillah, we have been granted planning permission for the above and are now at a point where funds are being raised. As we will need to demolish the existing building before construction work can commence, we aim to raise a large proportion of the funds before any building work begins.

This is where we need the help of all brothers and sisters. We welcome all forms of donation.

£313,000 is required to start working on Bismillah Project Phase 1.

    Facilities at the New Masjid:
  • Prayer facilities for men and women
  • Da'wah sessions for all faiths
  • Inter-faith dialogue
  • Islamic educational facilities for boys and girls
  • Tajweed Classes
  • Educational lectures/services
  • Jurisprudence Classes (Fiqh)
  • Full Funeral Service
  • Islamic Library
  • Information Technology Classes
  • Hifz Classes for boys and girls
  • Full time Alim Classes (Arabic grammar, Tafseer, Hadith, Jurisprudance)
  • Underground Parking
  • Adult Courses

You can donate via Paypal by using the button on the right hand side of this website.

Total Cost of Project
3 Million Pounds

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