Jamia't Us-Salam is a mosque based in the Ward End area of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The institution offers a range of Islamic Educational classes for both male and female students of all ages, including specialist Hifz-ul-Quran with Tajweed and Q'iraat classes. Over the years, the organisation has expanded significantly to meet the demands of the local community.

Currently there are plans to replace the current site with a modernised building. (Please visit the Donations page above to find out more about Bismillah Project and how you can help to build this Masjid). The achievements of Jamia't Us-Salam have been possible with the blessing of Allah (SWT) and the Du'aas and efforts of the local community. We pray that the support continues to grow and we all strive together as a unit to build the New Masjid and earn the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Eid Mubarak - Friday 10th September 2010

Jamia't Us-Salam would like to wish all brothers and sisters a very special Eid Mubarak.

The first Jamaat for Eid Namaz will be starting with B'iyaan at 8:30am.

The second Jamaat will start from 10:00am inshaAllah.

We pray that Allah protects you and your family from all forms of evil and Guides you towards good. It is important that we remember our religious duties during the day of Eid, as well as for the rest of the year. If we don't continue the good habits that we have initiated in the month of Ramadhan, we will be at great loss. All of us must remember that we are Muslims for life and not just for a single month or a specific day. Allah loves those who remember Him at all times and loves good deeds that are continuous. Imagine a person who works hard by putting bricks together to construct a building, would it make sense for him to destroy the building when it is completed? Absolutely not. In the same way, we must not destroy the good that we have done in Ramadhan.